Electronica India 2019 September 25-27,2019 India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, Delhi NCR Invsemi Booth No. EP41-1 Contact Person: Focus Wang Email:focus.wang@invsemi.com We sincerely invite you to visit our Booth. If you ne.. MORE
From June 14th to June 16th, 2019, Core Energy Semiconductor joined hands with Core Electronics to participate in the 2nd Shenzhen International Semiconductor Exhibition held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Th.. MORE
High thermal conductivity and simpler processing Is the module solution costly? Is the single tube design complicated? Is the heat dissipation problem tricky? Insulation cloth is easy to age? Ceramic insulation sheets a.. MORE
In 2017, the market size of China's servo system exceeded 10 billion yuan, an increase of more than 30% from the previous year. The servo businesses of local brands such as Huichuan, Eston, Hechuan, Xinjie and Leisai have m.. MORE
The production process and technology of silicon carbide (SiC) devices have become increasingly mature, and the biggest obstacle to market promotion is cost. This includes the cost of R&D and production costs as well as.. MORE
Since the working state of the power electronic device has four working states: on, on state, off state, and off state, the interrupt state and the on state are respectively subjected to high voltage and large current, and .. MORE
First: the need to reduce costs. Taking two points as an example, directly purchasing the finished module of SEMIKRON and other manufacturers can improve the stability of the product, but the corresponding cost increase is .. MORE
1. Drive circuit: Due to the trade-off between UCE (sat) and short-circuit tolerance of IGBT, it is recommended to select the gate voltage as +UG=15V±10%,—UG =5~10V. The gate resistance is closely related to the turn-on a.. MORE