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What are the benefits of connecting two IGBT modules in parallel to replace one IGBT?
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First: the need to reduce costs. Taking two points as an example, directly purchasing the finished module of SEMIKRON and other manufacturers can improve the stability of the product, but the corresponding cost increase is not affordable for the general company. The use of multiple modules in parallel can significantly reduce the cost (do not understand how your cost Also added). Generally, the higher the current, the higher the price of igbt, and the fewer suppliers available, which keeps the price high. On the contrary, there are many low-current igbt manufacturers, and the production time is long and the price is low.

Second: avoid exclusive suppliers or increase purchase channels.

Third: The drivers that are compatible with igbt may not yet support high-power stable operation, or developers are accustomed to using mature products. Mature drivers and igbt vendors will provide more technical support.

Fourth: Parallel technology has become a development trend. Using parallel technology (not just igbt) can make products smaller and have higher power density. (I have heard from Infineon’s personnel that people in foreign countries have used parallel igbt to do The 250kw inverter of the suitcase size, cows, and more patented technology is easy to produce during the development process.

Fifth: helpless, the development of single-machine inverters above 2mw can not find such a large igbt, can only choose parallel technology. One final point: the sense of accomplishment of parallel technology developers is very strong. Because the parallel technology has the problems of dynamic and static current sharing, radiation interference, etc., each time a problem is solved, the achievements of the personnel are very considerable. In general, the main reason is to reduce costs and parallel high power use.

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